Can Penn State Successfully Ban the Water Bottle?

Citing the example of Washington University in St. Louis, students at Penn State are pressing administration to enact a total ban on the sale of plastic water bottles on campus. And doing it in a somewhat humorous way like gathering to sing parodies of Christmas carols with lyrics like "December's hotter than J. Lo," and "O Scorching Night" to the tune of the more traditionally acclaimed "O Holy Night".

But the question is; will it work?

Of course there's no way to know precisely how quickly or effectively such a ban could or would take place, but there's no doubt its proponents at Penn State are hot on the trail to satisfy their thirst to eliminate the bottles which often wind up in landfills or our oceans, and are a more than ubiquitous display of the unsustainable nature of our times.

But we here at TreeHugger certainly wish them well. For as student activist John Stevenson put it, "Water bottles in particular are one of the dumbest things people do on a regular basis, environmentally. You should drink water and do it in a way that's not wasteful."

Perhaps folks on campus could check out our reviews of bottles made by good people at SIGG or Klean Kanteen?

Via:The Daily Collegian

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