Can Michelle Obama's 'Let's Move' Campaign Really Fight Obesity?

grist anti obesity campaign photo

Image credit: Grist

As part of her ongoing crusade against the obesity epidemic in the United States, Michelle Obama announced the commencement of the "Let's Move" campaign. Organized in partnership with leaders of food industry, the campaign proposes to support parents, encourage physical activity, and bring healthier food to schools in an effort to curb climbing rates of childhood obesity.But, the program may not be equipped to accomplish these noble goals. As Grist writes:

It's no mystery that Michelle Obama's Let's Move anti-obesity campaign is built on industry cooperation. It's also true that many experts are skeptical of the wisdom behind it; nutritionist Marion Nestle has been particularly critical both of the government's food industry "health" partnerships as well as of the administration's unwillingness to fight the industry's relentless media advertising.

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