Campbell Soup Announces 9.8MW Solar PPA for Ohio Factory



Campbell Soup Company will soon be sourcing about 15 percent of the energy used at its factory in Napoleon, Ohio (the company's largest) from solar power generated by a just-announced power purchase agreement (PPA) and land lease arrangement. Campbell's will lease the land and BNB Napoleon Solar LLC will build and own the 9.8 MW, 24,000-module photovoltaic system.Thanks to Environmental Leader for spotting the news. Here are some of the details, from the Campbell's press release:

Campbell will lease the land to BNB, which will own the system and be responsible for its financing, construction, operation and maintenance. Under the PPA, Campbell will purchase 100 percent of the electrical power generated by the system, which is expected to provide approximately 15 percent of the electricity the Napoleon Plant requires annually. FirstEnergy Solutions will purchase the Solar Renewable Energy Credits from the project. Over the course of the 20-year PPA, Campbell will save up to $4 million dollars based on U.S. Department of Energy projections for the cost of electricity in Northwest Ohio.

Construction is expected to begin in June and create more than 200 construction jobs in Ohio. The completed system is expected to produce more than 14.7 million kilowatt hours during the first year of operation, and to eliminate 250,000 metric tons of CO2 emissions.

"This project represents the beginning of a strong future for on-site renewable power generation among major U.S. corporations," said BNB's Matthew Baird. "Campbell is at the forefront of large energy users who are taking action to help communities better meet their peak energy needs."

This is certainly not the first arrangement of its kind, but it sure seems like the direction more and more companies are taking—as they should be, if up-front cost is the issue otherwise stopping them.

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