Cameron in Trouble Over Wind Turbine


David Cameron, the conservative leader, has hit a snag in his green campaign. A wind turbine erected on his house has been found to breach planning permission, and has been removed. The permission was for a turbine attached to the chimney stack, which it was not. Surveyors are now unsure whether the stack is strong enough to support the turbine at all, so it is currently lying in Cameron's house.

The turbine was part of a green overhaul of Cameron's house, including 'solar panels, high-level insulation and systems to recycle both air and water'. Critics have said that it's unlikely the turbine would provide a useful amount of power in it's urban location however.If Cameron does indeed become PM, then will he also attempt to green number 10? Not doing so would send the message that all his previous talk of sustainability was a campaign tactic, yet it seems unlikely that planning permission would be given for a wind turbine in the prestigious Whitehall location.

I know that politicians have to campaign to get into positions, but I do feel rather cynical about anyone who has to shout about cycling to work, or other green behavior. I often see Boris Johnson on his way to work on his bike, and have never heard him use it as a campaigning tool.

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