Calls and Cheers for Green Chemistry


The American Chemical Society (ACS) has praised the House passage of legislation to improve federal infrastructure and organization for furthering green chemistry. Similar legislation was past by the House in the previous two Congresses, but has not been acted on by the Senate.

"Green chemistry is the ultimate proof that environmental and economic benefits in chemistry can be optimized simultaneously. The technologies that spin out of this novel research are the seeds that can sustain small business ventures and green corporate practices," said Catherine T. Hunt, Ph.D., ACS President. "From reducing and improving pharmaceutical processes, reinventing the home and construction business, to over-coming our climate and energy challenges, green chemistry is proving that economics and environment are not mutually exclusive."

Green chemistry has tremendous potential to alter how our everyday objects are created. Fundamental changes in process and manufacturing can literally change how we relate to nature. As the ACS points out, moving forward in green chemistry will be important not just for the environment, but for our economy and society.