Calling All Earth Heroes!

If you’ve got a passion for the environment, or know someone who does and they fall between the ages of 9-17 the Earth Heroes Go Green! creativity contest being hosted by the World Youth Foundation just may be a great idea…

The contest itself is designed to let kids exhibit their passion for the environmentally-friendly, inspiring and aware through writing, painting, photos, or even a video documentary.

One of the contest suggestions listed on their site that caught my eye is photographing your favorite local place and writing about why the beauty of it inspires you to become an Earth Hero. If truth be told I think it grabbed my attention because I thought it could help all of us to put a local face on the reasons we’re all striving to become Earth Heroes, and can possibly help others see why some of the lesser known special places on Earth or so important too.
Because let’s face it, not every beautiful or environmentally inspiring place in the world winds up on the pages of National Geographic or featured on the Discovery Channel.

And despite what we see on TV, I think quite often the places we actually treasure most are right around the corner. Mine’s a place called Gardiner’s Park right here on Long Island, and whenever we get the chance my wife Betsy and I grab the dogs and our son Bobby before heading for a walk through the woods and down to the Great South Bay through a kind of marshy area with loads of birds and neat wildlife.

Crazily enough, it seems one Mario Puzo lived right across the street from it, but my fondest memories are heading there with my grandfather years ago to amble around on a Sunday afternoon after dinner.

I guess if I was between the ages of 9-17 I’d have a great entry…. But I'm 32 so I can't enter. Maybe you know someone who can.

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via:: Green Daily

Calling All Earth Heroes!
The contest itself is

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