A Call for the 0.1% to Save the Planet with a Billionaire League of Justice

justice leagueDC Comics/Screen capture

Thomas Watson writes in Corporate Knights Magazine:

With governments in crisis mode and the global economy in the dumps, a "billionaire league of justice" might be our best hope of putting humanity on a sustainable path.

He looks at Elon Musk, Richard Branson, Jeff Skoll, Mike Bloomberg and dresses them up as Iron Man, Batman, Archangel and the Green Hornet respectively. He thinks more billionaires should be like these guys and put some of their money into fixing the planet. He quotes author Matthew Keiman:

“I’ve long thought that the poor, downtrodden Rockefellers and their ilk need to be liberated from the yoke of capitalist oppression,” says Kiernan, who, not so playfully, thinks the world needs a Billionaires Liberation Organization to educate well-heeled do-gooders on how to make better use of their “dead money.”

It is an interesting thought and not a new one; big foundations set up by billionaires have been doing good works for decades, and Bill Gates isn't exactly a slouch, albeit a bit nerdy for a cape. However few of these billionaires have put their acts together, and really used their influence, quoting Tzeporah Berman:

“The sad thing is that we haven’t seen major progressive corporations from cleantech or the IT industry or billionaire philanthropists step up and coordinate themselves into a progressive and persistent lobby to support significant pieces of legislation or international deals in the same way that has been done by the fossil fuel industry.”

More at Corporate Knights. Full disclosure: I review books for them.

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