California's Green Policy Does Its Economy Well

A study by California's Air Resources Board released this week reported that continuing to reduce the state's greenhouse gases would both boost the state economy and Californians' income. More below the fold.Going Green Will Boost California's Economy

California's Global Warming Solutions Act, passed in 2006, calls for the state to set caps on companies' emissions and to expand green collar jobs. The report showed that to meet the 2020 deadline of rolling emissions back to 1990's levels, the state economy would fare quite well. It predicts the creation of 100,000 jobs, a $27 billion bump in the state's economy and an add a little extra to residents' bank accounts too. The annual household would save $400 due to energy efficiency improvements and gain an average of $200 in income.

The Air Board's analysis predicts growth in the agricultural, construction, manufacturing, forestry, and other business if they follow the emissions cutting plan. In meeting the 2020 goals, California would also significantly improve public health: nearly 9,000 cases of asthma and 53,000 missed workdays would be avoided.

Via:: The San Francisco Guardian

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