Californians Want State To Act On Climate

The SF Gate has a report on some polls showing that a strong majority of Californians "reject [the] Bush administration assertions that global warming is not yet a proven phenomenon" and want their state to take action to fight global warming. Here come the numbers: "77 percent of respondents favor a state law requiring automakers to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from new cars beginning in 2009 [...] Three in four respondents say that global warming is a "very serious" or "somewhat serious" threat [...] 54 percent of respondents favor having state government create its own policies to address global warming. [...] only 35 percent thought state government should have primary responsibility for setting air quality standards, [but] just 17 percent of respondents thought the federal government was up to the job." Clearly people are not fooled by Bush's Orwellian-named policies (Clear Skies, Clean Coal, Healthy Forests) and stalling tactics ("Global warming is just a theory, lets wait..."). Now what Americans need to do is turn this popular support for eco-issues into political power so that US politicians can't afford to ignore environmental issues anymore.