California Voters Say Yes to Animal Rights


Photo Credit: SF Gate

Prop 2 Headed to Victory

Yesterday, California voters appeared to vote overwhelmingly in favor of Proposition 2, a historic move that brings animals legal rights in the land of factory farming. Prop 2 guarantees farm animals improvements in their current large scale farm conditions, requiring farmers give them space to turn around, spread their wings, stand up and lie down. More below the fold.While these are only slight moves to better the well being of farm animals, the Prop 2 victory is historic. California is the largest agricultural state and would be the first to demand egg-producing chickens be kept in more spacious cages or have the freedom to roam. Prop 2 will affect 20 million farm animals in California and will include a phase out of gestation crates for pigs and veal cages for calves. Similar laws have been passed in Florida, Arizona, Colorado and Oregon for pigs and veal calves.

As results come in from the polls, it looks like Prop 2 is winning by a ratio of 3 to 2 and most animal rights organizations have already declared this precedent setting victory.

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