California Sheriff's Dept Aims For Paperless Office

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However ubiquitous the 'save paper, don't print this email' email signature is, people are still doing just that. But the Sheriff's office in San Bernardino County is smartening up and has paper, the San Bernardino County Sheriff's Department has begun to implement a new paperless system with the potential to save millions of dollars in both paper and ink costs.
The Daily Press explains the change:

Under the current system, deputies would file a report, then print out a paper copy to be checked and approved by a sergeant. It would next go to a clerk who would take the report and scan it as an image so it can be filed.

"With Presynct, the deputy can file a report on the system, the supervisor can approve it and it can electronically be sent to a clerk for electronic filing," [the department's Ted] Byerly said. "Ideally, there shouldn't be any need to print out a paper product, saving a lot of time and money."

Byerly added, "when we take a case to the D.A. we have to make three copies of the report." An electronic system should cut down on that use of paper.

The department spends an estimated $600,000 over three years on ink and toner alone, so together with the reduced demand for paper should add up to significant savings for the department—and for the world's forests.

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