California Safe Schools Org Hosts Environmental Health Summit

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To celebrate its 10th anniversary, the California Safe Schools organization gathered luminaries of the environmental health and children's education world together for a program called "Your Life is Now." The event featured speeches from high profile educators and environmentalists, and an award ceremony that honored two of the highest profilers of all—California EPA Secretary Linda Adams and Congresswoman Hilda Solis.And yes, the event was a little more than a month ago—it was held in LA in late October—but CSS is a worthy org, (it does important work like making sure things like pesticides are properly managed around campuses) and its efforts deserve attention and press (belated though it may be).

The event attracted an impressive, diverse range of attendees—political and environmental leaders from Washington D.C., teachers, administrators, and over 300 secondary school students.

The awards, dubbed the "2008 California Safe Schools Environmental Awards," were presented to Congresswoman Hilda Solis for "Outstanding Leadership & Vision" and to Secretary Linda Adams for being an Environmental Health Champion. Congresswoman Solis gave a speech about the importance of community efforts in improving environmental health and policy. After the speeches, a panel answered questions from the attendees. The ceremony closed out with some Native American flute music.

There's a reason I'm reporting on semi-small scale events over a month late—this type of recognition on the local and state level is important, and efforts like that of the CSS in the environmental health domain should given notice to. For more information, check out the CSS website.

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