California Governor Signs 29 Environmental Bills.

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This development seems to indicate one or both of two things: perhaps there are two out-of-synch universes within the US; or we are witnessing the beginnings of a turning away from "deregulatory" politics. From the San Jose Mercury News of 10 October we learn: "In a burst of green penmanship, Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger signed 29 environmental bills into law Thursday on a wide range of issues. One will require all new cars for sale in California [starting in 2009] to display stickers explaining how many tons of global warming-causing gases they emit". Another of the signed measures will force labeling on personal care products of potentially toxic components, something TreeHugger has reported on previously. Reportedly, the car labeling measure was opposed by most Republican lawmakers and the California Motor Car Dealers Association. Dealers must be fearful that consumer guilt will tip long term market interest, with motocycle and scooter sales replacing sales of large, highly profitable vehicles. TreeHuggers are "born to be wild". But can they come back from the future?
==== UPDATE FOLLOWS =======
Complete listing of personal care products found to contain the "Chemicals of Concern",w hich led to the bill just signed is found here.