California Farmer Who Abandoned 50,000 Chickens Sued by Animal Welfare Groups

An update on a story that broke back in March: Remember the egg farmer who abandoned his 50,000 chickens, the fact of which was only discovered two weeks later after all but 4500 of them died due to lack of food and nearly unimaginably horrid conditions?

Well, a trio of animal welfare groups—Animal Place, Farm Sanctuary, and Harvest Home Animal Sanctuary—has filed suit against A&L Poultry, on behalf of the rescuers of the hens, who have since been caring for chickens and nursing them back to health.

Farm Sanctuary describes the case and the deplorable conditions that brought it about:

The hens were crammed into cages so small that they could not stretch their wings. Hens struggling to survive intermingled with the 20,000 hens who had already perished. Dozens of chickens had fallen out of their cages and struggled to avoid drowning in the giant manure pits below the buildings. Many were so sick that they could not stand, hold up their heads, or eat and drink.

The rescue of these chickens is largest rescue of farm animals in California history.

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