California Doubles Net-Metering Cap on Wind and Solar to 5%

solar panels roof california photo

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Your Solar Roof or Micro Wind Turbine Produces Excess Power?
The Californian legislature just passed a new bill that would increase the amount of power that utilities can buy from people who produce power at home (mostly solar panels, and small wind turbines). The current law limits this to 2.5%, but once the governor has signed the new law, this will be raised to 5%. "The Assembly adopted the bill on a 53-1 vote. Rachel Arrezola, a spokeswoman for Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger, said the governor intends to sign it."
solar panels roof california photo

Photo: Flickr, CC

Decentralized small-scale solar couldn't get anywhere with the cap at 2.5%, so this is welcome news. People could still have installed solar panels, but they would have less certainty of being paid for any extra power generated, so on average that would have made the total cost of a solar system higher.

For more on net-metering and a list of U.S. states and Canadian provinces that allow it, check out this Wikipedia article.

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