California Assembly Endorses Amendment to Overturn Citizen's United

Another step towards ending pernicious corporate money masquerading as free speech in US politics: The California state assembly has voted, 48-22, to endorse a Constitutional amendment overturning the Supreme Court's Citizen's United ruling.

Assembly Joint Resolution 22 states that the Constitution "was designed to protect the free-speech rights of people, not corporations."

Resolution co-sponsor Bob Wieckowski described his motivation in bringing forward the measure:

The Citizen's United decision tilts the scales of campaign funding toward those who support wealthy special interests rather than working Americans. This resolution is designed to send a grassroots message to Washington about the urgent need to overturn the Supreme Court's ruling and restore fair elections to the people. (Public Citizen)

In the past several months resolutions supporting overturning Citizen's United have been passed by Vermont towns, the LA city council, the New York City council, to name just a few.

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