California Air Resources Board Adopts Ten Percent Ethanol Blend

In a major boost to the ethanol industry, the California Air Resources Board has decided to adopt a resolution stating that all refineries producing gas sold in the state will have to blend 10% ethanol into their gas. This is to coincide with the new fuel standards set by Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger that will take effect in late 2009, the Low Carbon Fuel Standard (LCFS).

"Today's decision by the Air Resources Board is an important step toward diversifying California's fuel supply with alternative and, in this instance, renewable fuels. While many alternative fuels exist in the market, ethanol is one that can be blended into today's gasoline with no change to our current cars. This action allows fuel providers to blend up to 10 percent ethanol into gasoline, while still ensuring we're meeting California's tough air quality standards," said Schwarzenegger.

The goal of Schwarzenegger's plan is to lower greenhouse gas emissions by shifting energy consumption from fossil fuels to renewable energy sources like ethanol. By 2020, policymakers expect at least a 10% reduction in the carbon content of fuels, the replacement of 20% of fossil fuels with lower carbon alternatives and a tripling in the size of the state's renewable energy market.Analysts predict the ruling will almost double the demand for biofuel in California, the world's fifth largest economy and the country's largest consumer of fuel. Last year the state guzzled nearly one-fifth of the total ethanol sold in the United States, or approximately 1 billion gallons (3.8 billion liters).

Higher consumption of ethanol could help reduce dependency on foreign oil sources and improve the state's air quality.

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