Business Week on Monsanto, Pickens


Monsanto on the Menu: How it has transformed itself from a money-losing pariah to a $ 5 Billion pariah, and how it is betting that the food crisis will create new markets for genetically modified products. "They are trying to exploit the food crisis as a means to win acceptance for their [patented, transgenic] products " ::Business Week
There Will Be Water T. Boone Pickens thinks water is the new oil—and he's betting $100 million that he's right. "As far as Pickens is concerned, he could be selling wind, water, natural gas, or uranium; it's all a matter of supply and demand. "There are people who will buy the water when they need it. And the people who have the water want to sell it. That's the blood, guts, and feathers of the thing," he says. ::Business Week

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