Business of Green: International Herald Tribune Launches Another Forum for Eco-debates


TreeHugger readers are no strangers to debate on all aspects of sustainability. If you can’t get enough of excited discussions about electric vehicles, arguments about wind turbines, or debates over airtravel (of course!), maybe you should check out the new blog over at the International Herald Tribune. Entitled Business of Green: A Global Dialogue on the Environment, the blog seems largely set up as a catalyst to spur debate. The posts are fairly short and to the point, and essentially introduce the topic, and then encourage comment. Participation levels are low at the moment, but if the list of topics covered so far is anything to go by, including ‘When Will We Panic About Climate Change?’, ‘Faster Trains to a Cleaner World?’, and ‘Who is going to solve the China Question?’, then these guys do seem intent on stirring up some serious, far reaching and comprehensive discussion. We also hope that the International Herald Tribune’s position as a major international newspaper will draw the attention of a wider range of public to environmental issues, and maybe some will even find there way over to TreeHugger. We can only encourage our ever-informed (and opinionated) readers to get involved. Just don’t forget to come back to us when you’re done!