Business as Usual is Not an Option at the Opportunity Green Conference

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"The world can no longer afford business as usual," stands in bold at the center of the Opportunity Green website. The Opportunity Green Business Conference, to be held at UCLA from November 7 through the 8th, is about "being green and being profitable." It's about new approaches to business that take advantage of collaborative culture and unconventional ideas. It's about ingenuity and redirecting business to include the triple bottom line while maintaining profitability.

It's an impressive set of goals, but the conference has a lineup of speakers and panelists to meet them.Speakers include: Joe Laur, vice president of content at Greenopolis, Annie Leonard, founder and creator of the Story of Stuff, Alexis Madrigal, clean tech writer for Wired, Sarah Rich, editor of Dwell, Boise Thomas, from Planet Green's Alter Eco, Chris Jordan, acclaimed photographer and artist, and many more.

Opportunity Green is an experience, for sure, but it is also an opportunity to hear some of the most influential leaders of sustainable business talk about their innovations. As Opportunity Green explains:

Our events are designed to provide business professionals the insight, inspiration, tools and resources to create and implement sustainable business solutions.

Plus, several conference participants are riding bikes to the event.

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