Bush's Oceanic Legacy & Recap (Video)

During President Bush's tenure, more oceans are now protected than any other time in U.S. history; Jim Axelrod of CBS News reports in this video that nearly 200,000 square miles of ocean are now under federal protection. The TreeHugger Bush Administration Look Back:
01.09.09 » What to Make of Bush's Oceanic Gestures by George Grattan, Earthwatch Institute
01.06.09 » Record Setting 195,000 Square Miles of Pacific Ocean Protected by Bush Administration
10.01.08 » Bush Administration Proposes 48 New Endangered Species in Hawaii
01.17.09 » Bush Removes Wolves From Endangered Species List. Again.
01.16.09 » Focus on Focus Earth: Bush's Environmental Record
01.11.09 » Bush Pardoned Triple-Eagle Killer: Was Justice Served?
01.07.09 » Bush Administration’s Abysmal Environmental Record in Cool Interactive Graphic Form
12.04.08 » Bush Administration Takes Another Last Minute Poke at the Environment: Approves Easier Coal Mine Waste Dumping in Streams
11.10.08 » Bush Admin's Parting Gift to the Factory Farms
11.05.08 » Bush Plan for Marine Preserve Threatened By His Own Vice President
10.02.08 » Bush Admin to Public: What You Don't Know Won't Hurt You

09.26.08 » Bush Administration Says No to $70 Million Salmon Disaster Relief but Yes to $700 Billion Bailout
08.21.08 » Bush Officials Launch Stealth Attack on U.S. Wildlife
08.18.08 » President Bush Says "Baby, Get That Phthalate-Filled Building Block Out Of Your Mouth!"

07.25.08» Surprise, Surprise: Report Finds Bush Administration's Voluntary Pollution-Reduction Programs Not Faring Well
07.23.08» Oil Shale Production to be Subsidized Under Bush Administration Proposal
06.26.08» White House Won’t Open EPA Emails on Global Warming, Part Two: The Funnier Version

06.25.08» Bush Administration Puts Hands Over Eyes, Chants LaLaLa I Can't Hear You
04.17.08 » UNSPOKEN: Bush Not Changing Position on Climate Change -- Video

04.15.08 » Bush's New (Old) Tack on Climate Change: Watch Me Pretend to Care
03.23.08 » Bush to Phase Out Environment by 2009
03.06.08 » Believe it or Not: Bush Says U.S. is "In the Lead" on Climate Change

02.08.08 » Hefty Bush Administration Budget Makes Big Cuts to Environmental Initiatives, Funds Nuclear Power
01.31.08 » There Goes the Forest: Bush Administration Opens 3 Million Acres to Logging
01.07.08 » Bush Administration Seeks to Approve 700% Logging Increase in Oregon's Old-Growth Forests
11.29.07 » Bush Administration Actively Gutting Environmental "Magna Carta"
10.21.07 » Bush Administration Up to its Old Shenanigans on Climate Change

08.23.07 » Bush Admin Expands Mountaintop Coal Mining

08.22.07 » President Bush Ordered to Release Overdue Global-Warming Plan
07.11.07 » Science, Public Health Get Bushwhacked

07.05.07 » George Bush on Car Pools

05.14.07 » Bush Calls for Higher Fuel Efficiency
04.22.07 » A Bush Administration Policy Adjustment
03.16.07 » In Hot Water Over Climate, Bush Cuts Funding for Geothermal Power

02.24.07 » Bush Showcases Plug-In Electric Cars

06.18.06 » Hawaiian Archipelago - A Step in the Right Direction for Mr. Bush
02.21.06 » Bush Promotes Alternative Energy During Trip
02.11.06 » EPA Budget to Reduce Funding for Efficiency Programs

07.02.05 » Gimme That Old Time Religion (from the '60's)

05.18.05 » President's Scheduling Staff Suffer TreeHugger Alien Invasion
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