Bush Administration Plans to Bring Back Nuclear Testing

The Bush administration is proposing to rebuild the entire U.S. nuclear arsenal, recreating the type of design, development, and production capability for nuclear weapons used in the United States during the Cold War. These new weapons, would ultimately replace the entire U.S. nuclear arsenal in a program called "Complex 2030." This initiative would risk a return to underground nuclear testing, create more nuclear waste, and undercut efforts to limit the acquisition of new nuclear weapons by other countries.

The sad fact is that the United States has not cleaned up the waste generated by producing tens of thousands of nuclear weapons the first time around. Hazardous waste and radioactive contamination remains at many locations throughout the United States. A decision to resume nuclear warhead production would involve a huge commitment of human and environmental resources and increased contamination of the environment. Fortunately, under U.S. law, proposed projects like Complex 2030 must undergo a review of the environmental impact of the plan. That review must consider alternative options and must take public comments. In what is called the Preliminary Environmental Impact Assessment, which is taking place now, the scope of the proposed review is open to comment, including the types of alternatives that should be reviewed.

Please send a letter today urging the Department of Energy to examine an alternative it is currently not considering: dramatic reductions in the U.S. nuclear arsenal and consolidation and cleanup of the enormous U.S. nuclear weapons complex.