Burma Update: TreeHugger Readers Help AFH Hit Target in 24 Hours


Families waiting for relief goods in makeshift houses in Labutta, a town in the Irrawaddy division of southwest Myanmar. AFP/AFP/Getty Images

Forty hours ago we asked TreeHugger readers to contribute to Architecture for Humanity's fund to put together a team to start planning for the reconstruction of Burma. They got it in 24 hours. We talked this morning with Cameron Sinclair in Korea:

TH: Did TreeHugger readers make a difference?

CS: I have no idea, but the average donation was $45! Nothing over $100, all individuals.

TH: Does that differ from your usual donation profile?
CS: Well it is definitely different, we usually we get 60% small donations then one or two big ones. This was hundreds on small donations that collectively will make a difference. 100% of the donations were online.

TH: What's next?
CS so we hit $10K and Mortar Net is offering a $2500 match over the next day. $15K will allow us to have an on the ground team for 9 months to a year to work on sustainable reconstruction in one of the devastated communities.

TH: You are scheduled to speak at the Metropolis conference at ICFF. Will you make it back?
CS: Yes, I am also speaking on the 21st at MocaCleveland. I'm donating all honorariums for my talks this month to the Burma campaign.

TreeHugger readers made the difference. Can we help raise another $ 2500 in 24 hours? Donate here.

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