Burma Update from Architecture for Humanity

Before and after Cyclone; click here to enlarge

While rescue workers try to get into Burma (not made any easier by a military junta that announced on Tuesday that foreign experts wanting to come in would need to "negotiate" with the Government) Architecture for Humanity says that "While the media will focus its attention on the loss of life, there will be millions displaced in the coming weeks and like most natural disasters, no plan for long term sustainable reconstruction."

Yesterday Cameron Sinclair told us that AFH is not rushing in. "The worst thing is for non-essential teams to get in the way of the relief effort. As we’ve done previously we are already communicating organizations with shelter divisions to offer technical support. Ideally in a few weeks we would send an assessment team into the region, possibly with one of these agencies, and they would establish ties with local organizations."

They need $ 10,000 to create that team and provide design services to communities; the campaign started at TreeHugger with the first three donations. Already, 130 donors have raised $ 6,500. Let's make this a short campaign; contribute now at ::Architecture for Humanity