Bulge Report: The Banana Diet

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The Internet is full of unnatural ways to lose weight using pills, medical procedures, electrical gadgets, hypnotherapy, and just about anything else under the sun you can think of. On the organic and natural front, there are also plenty of ideas to lose weight, of which most are fairly harmless for the most part, that is until they start telling people to completely reduce fat intake (you need fat for your body to function), eat only carbohydrates, protein, etc...

Today, we have a new fad on the front which has been classified as Japan's Morning Banana Diet. Once again on the surface we see yet another diet plan whose simplicity vs. its claims of losing up to 43 pounds in just 10 weeks seem rather impossible when you consider the rules of science and how the human body works.
The plan works like this. You wake up in the morning. You pick yourself out a nice fresh, organic banana, then you eat it with a glass of water. For lunch and dinner you can eat whatever you like (barring no dessert foods), but we'd suggest a balanced meal. You must eat your dinner by 8 PM and be in bed before 12 AM.

Currently in Japan, the grocery stores can't even keep their bananas on the shelves this new fad diet is so popular. Truth be told, this diet does not sound too bad. I mean, let's face it, bananas are rather good for you, so unless you are either allergic or have a very serious blood sugar disorder, this diet would appear to not only be promoting weight loss, but more importantly, promoting good general health.

The banana has been claimed by some to be considered as close to the perfect food as you can get. It provides a lot of nutritional benefits such as carbohydrates (for energy), potassium, vitamins (C, B6), protein (not a significant amount, but respectable), 0 fat, 0 cholesterol, 4 to 7 g fiber, and approximately 110 calories for a medium sized banana.

Don't expect to lose any significant amounts of weight on this diet unless you are willing to cutback on your intake of calories in general. For anyone who has already tried this diet, we'd be interested to know your results!

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