Buenos Aires Wants to be Cleaner

Clean Play Juga Limpio Campaign Buenos Aires Photo

Photo credit: Buenos Aires government.

While the proposed new garbage management plan for Buenos Aires is discussed, the city government has launched a campaign to encourage clean habits in its people.

Under the theme 'Clean play' (Jugá Limpio in Spanish), the set of ads try to put some coolness into throwing things in trash cans, plus two websites targeted to kids and adults offer information about activities and interactive tools.

Even though we would have appreciated a campaign to encourage recycling better, it was about time for the government to try to push people to take cleaner habits. Anyone who has been to Buenos Aires can state that the city has a lot to overcome in terms of the tidiness of its streets, and surely starting with kids apart from grown-ups is a good step.The first stage of the campaign is the training and call for action, which takes place from November 3 to 18. November 18 is indicated as "Cleaning day", and the government wants it to set a 'before and after' stage in what refers to the city's appearance.

According to the government, this is not just another campaign.

"We want to generate a cultural movement that can cause a change of habits," says the announcement of the measure. A little pretentious for a mere 15 days of preparation, but we certainly hope they can see their goal come true as cleaner streets would be better for all of us.

Via Government News Bulletin.
Official announcement of the cleaning campaign for Buenos Aires
Clean Play Website (in Spanish)

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