Budget Cuts Kill New NOAA Climate Agency

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File this one under 'least surprising thing Republicans gutted from the 2011 budget': The new Climate Service at the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, which was designed to help keep the public and policymakers abreast of the latest scientific developments in climate. Here's Kate Sheppard of Mother Jones:

"Basically, NOAA's climate service would have provided up-to-date information about climate in order to better inform the public and policymakers. Much like the agency's weather service, it would offer a way to share the agency's work monitoring, modeling, and assessing data. But budget cuts now bar NOAA from using any funds to create this climate division.
Note that NOAA's work won't be significantly altered -- it's just that, as Sheppard notes, "The GOP hates anything that has the word "climate" attached to it," so this particular service won't come to be.

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