Brits Care More About Animals Than Climate Change

Yesterday we read that a "study of 11,000 Americans found that 62% of Americans considered global warming a serious danger, and even those who are worried about it aren't doing a whole lot about it." Today a study of 100,00 British members and customers of the Co-operative Group (bank and store) found that only 4% consider climate change as their top ethical priority, compared with 21% who think animal welfare is the most important. Fourteen per cent consider fair trade as their key concern. Twice as many are concerned about the amount of packaging on their food as think global warming is the most important issue.

The Co-op is doing something about it. In response to the concerns raised on this ethical survey, their 2,700 supermarkets will no longer sell eggs from caged hens. Ethical trading was identified as a priority issue by 27% of members so from now on the Co-operative will convert its entire hot drinks range to Fairtrade; that includes tea, coffee and hot chocolate. Environmental issues are a priority concern for 22% of members so the glass used for the bottles for 26 different Co-operative wines will be reduced, saving a total of 450 tons of glass per year by using lightweight bottles. They will also reduce their own brand packaging by 15% by 2010, and add a further 66 pesticides to their prohibited list. :: Guardian

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