British Telecom to Cut Greenhouse Gas Emissions 80% By 2020

British Telecom Carbon Emissions image

BT Has a Green Plan for the Future
Communication giant British Telecom (BT) has announced that it plans to cut its greenhouse gas emissions by 80% by 2020. But the real good news is that they are already on the right track so far, and are making big investments for the future like a $500-million wind farm that could generate enough clean electricity to power 25% of the company by 2016, making it the biggest non power utility investor in wind power in the UK (for now - we hope there will be a lot of competition for that top spot). They also installed a 500-kilowatt solar array on their US headquarters.

We wish other telecoms, especially in the US where they've been slow to move, would follow suit. BT is no doubt future-proofing itself by fighting global warming, and that will be a competitive advantage in the near future. ::BT to Cut Carbon Emissions 80% By 2020

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