British Retailers Meet With UK Government: Planning a Kingdom-Wide Wal-Mart Emulation?


How much you want to bet, next Spring's heralded announcement of green products in UK retailers will feature a grand selection of...drum rolls and royal trumpets on a red carpet... compact fluorescent lightbulbs? Perhaps in a gesture of high Britishness we'll hear about Prince Charles-Brand organic food? Maybe Bonnie can get a peek in the window of 10 Downing St., to see if they've got TreeHugger up on the wall projector. Ha. We'll keep you filled in as the story develops. From The Independent: - under the title "No 10 hosts green business summit," "Executives from some of Britain's biggest firms, with a combined total of 250 million customers, met at 10 Downing Street yesterday to work out a combined plan for a new range of "green" products, to be launched in the new year...Companies such as Tesco, Marks & Spencer, HSBC, BSkyB, B&Q;, O2 and The Carphone Warehouse have committed themselves to "accelerating the roll-out of practical, simple solutions" to help consumers reduce carbon emissions".