British MPs Bananas Over Fair Trade

Bananas over fair trade

Photo credit: Ashour Rehana

Labels need to be placed on everything from bananas to T-shirts to show how much people in developing countries were paid to produce them, say Members of Parliament in the U.K.

The House of Commons International Development Committee wants the government to study the feasibility of such a labeling scheme, in addition to appointing an official to promote fair trade. Although the fair-trade movement has taken off in many upmarket stores, it said, the performance of some larger retailers "falls well below standards we consider acceptable."

Customers should be able to know if the products they purchase are the result of exploitation, according to the committee's report.

"Supermarkets already know how much farmers are paid for each kilogram of fruit or vegetable they sell, and companies know how much they pay per kilogram of coffee, or for each T-shift," said the report. "Passing this information on to consumers should not be a difficult task." :: BBC News

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