Britain's Top 100 Environmentalists

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The Independent on Sunday has come out with its list of the top 100 environmentalists in the UK. It is a quirky list--many of the names are little known to people in Britain, let alone the rest of the world. They have been chosen for the impact they have made, many on local issues, rather than for their great fame. The top environmentalist is John Stewart, a man who has been working quietly for years on transportation issues and now spearheads the campaign against airport runway expansion at Heathrow Airport, outside London. More on him tomorrow.

Second is Professor Robert Watson, the chief scientist at Defra (Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs) who has been involved on the Inter-governmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) as chairman and scientist. Jane Davidson, Minister for Environment, Sustainability and Housing in Wales is third--she has plans for Wales to have all renewable electricity by 2020. And fourth is Monty Don (pictured), heart throb, gardening guru and now the new chair of the Soil Association.

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As for the rest: Prince Charles is there, at number 8 and KT Tunstall, the singer and leader of the Global Cool campaign, is 10th. Rebecca Hosking is 17th; she is the woman who started the plastic-bag free campaign in the town of Modbury and Sir David Attenborough is 25th.

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Artists Damien Hirst is in at number 32; that's because he has installed solar cells on his country mansion and warehouses that will account for 2% of' Britain's solar power. The head of Marks & Spencer, Stuart Rose is number 34; he has already implemented an extensive plan to make the store and its operations environmental.

David Cameron, the head of the Conservative party is number 40. Apparently the judges were split on him--is he really green or is it just for the political gains?

A footballer, Alex Williams, is at 52 because of his work for Manchester City's community project that has reduced waste from the football crowd.

Bill Bryson, known for his quirky and droll books about England and science is number 97. Now he is head of the Campaign to Protect Rural England and could have great influence in country-side politics.

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Number 99 is Keeley Hazell, Page 3 tabloid girl, famous for her sexy tips on the environment. For example: "Share a steamy bath: a shared dip in the tub will cut a couple’s water costs".

And lastly: Her Majesty the Queen for her efforts at home and in Windsor Castle and in Scotland. :: Independent on Sunday
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