Britain Will Easily Exceed 34% CO2 Cuts by 2020, Says Government

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Between its hasty and seemingly chaotic slashing of feed-in tariffs and the apparent lurch to climate skepticism by some in the Conservative party, I haven't found much reason to be overly kind to Britain's coalition government of late. But its one time claim to be "the greenest government ever" has not yet lost all of its credibility. In Business Green reports that the government's new Carbon Plan reaffirms its commitment to world-leading CO2 cuts which, it says, should be easily exceeded if current efforts continue:

It also predicts that the green policies the government already has in place will see the economy "significantly exceed" the 34 per cent target set for 2020 under the Climate Change Act. Numerous studies have attributed a dip in emissions during 2009 to recession-curtailed output, but the government insists that significant cuts will be made regardless of any drop in industrial output owing to measures to improve building energy efficiency, improve the fuel efficiency of new cars, and replace old coal power plants with gas and renewables.

Now if it could just find a way to keep its solar industry in business, and stop promoting Canadian tar sands, we'd really have something to sing about.

Britain Will Easily Exceed 34% CO2 Cuts by 2020, Says Government
The UK looks set to beat some already ambitions carbon reduction targets. Maybe the "greenest government ever" is not BS after all.

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