Britain Claims Bigger Slice of Antarctic Pie


For those who thought that Russia claiming the North Pole was nuts, ('cause everyone knows it's Canadian) here is a claim that's even weirder: The United Kingdom is planning to claim rights to over a million square kilometres (386,000 square miles) of Antarctic seabed. According to the Guardian, much of the seabed there is at such a depth that extraction of gas, oil or minerals is not yet technically feasible, but it reflects the UK's efforts to secure resources for the future as oil and natural gas reserves dwindle over the coming decades.

No doubt the Argentineans will be pleased to see Britain try to extend its claim from 1908 of a big slice of the Antarctic pie, based on the fact that they discovered it, no, were first to the pole or whatever.


Antarctic ice is not easy to work in; Earlier attempt by Ernest Shackleton

The Guardian notes that "The UK claim on Antarctica will be its most controversial because it depends on proximity to the British Antarctic Territory which overlaps rival land claims by Chile and Argentina. The environmental protocol to the Antarctic treaty, agreed in 1991, currently prohibits all mineral related activity, other than for scientific research."

But no doubt that as the oil runs out such restrictions or treaties will fall by the wayside. ::Guardian

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