Bringing Permaculture to the 'Hood

Andrew Millison, permaculture designer and faculty member at the Ecosa Institute and Prescott College, created the video above to highlight his Ecohood Arizona project, a two-year effort to create a sustainable community in Prescott, Arizona's low-middle income Dameron-Lincoln district. So far, six households in the neighborhood are engaged in the experiment to live more consciously through a variety of low(er)-tech practices such as organic gardening, rainwater harvesting, greywater recycling, renewable energy generation and even cleaning polluted well water with a living machine. Natural Home magazine has honored Andrew as an "Earth Mover" in their latest issue, and notes that other neighbors have expressed interest in this effort to bring "traditionally rural or tribal values—such as community, self-sufficiency and respect for the land—into the city." ::Ecohood Arizona via Ecosa Institute at Myspace