Bringing Cycle Fabulousity to the Streets of Charleston

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Last week for our first anniversary my husband surprised me with the most stunning new bike one could ever imagine. A sage and baby blue vintage beach cruiser with a bell, basket, and petal brakes. You see, I like to cruise to my destinations and as I basically live at the beach, my new bike is a perfect fit for the area. And it seems that I'm not the only one who wants appear somewhat stylish in my ride because Charleston's new movement, Charleston Cycle Chic is proving to have quite the following.Charleston Cycle Chic is making biking to work all the rage. Bonnie wrote about Cycle Chic in London last year and while it took a little longer to catch on here in South Carolina, the movement is gaining a foothold. In South Carolina and even in a more forward thinking Charleston, all too often you'll see people hop in their cars to drive two feet and then have trouble finding a parking space which leads to them continually driving around the block. So clubs like Charleston Cycle Chic that urge you to "celebrate life and the wind in your hair" come at an opportune time. The group implores fellow Southerners that have been slow to get cycle ready, that with fabulous weather, palmetto trees, wide streets, and all that Vitamin D, consider giving cycling a try. And kudos to Dallas the most recent trendy city to boast a Cycle Chic.

Style mavens don't fret, if you're not ready to give up your high heels, check out the ladies of Copenhagen Cycle Chic who have blown that excuse out of the water. Their site offers tons of advice for biking safe without giving up your stilettos.

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