Bringin' Sexy Back on Campus

That's the message that students at the University of Washington are looking to put out there as they seek to make saving the environment a hot topic by handing out stickers with the slogan "Sustainability is Sexy". As Kendra Howe of Grist points out, "Sex sells no matter what you're selling." So by adding spice to the effort of asking their peers to bring a coffee mug to campus instead of using the paper ones like the UW currently scoffs up at the rate of about 5,000 per day they're hoping to encourage their peers to come to the realization that it's cool to think sustainably and live the green life. As Nicholas Fusso, a University of Washington senior and member of the Young Democrats, a group sponsoring the campaign points out, "You don't have to be a pony-tailed hippy to be that type of person. It can be everyone, and it should be everyone."

The campus is also offering incentives to help encourage the reduction in waste. If you're now a coffee drinker who brings their own cup to campus coffee stands you'll pay just $1 for drip coffee or receive a 10-cent discount on espresso. Who knows, with more coffee shops than anyone around maybe Starbucks will realize the difference they can make, then pick up the trend and offer some kind of discount too

Via: Seattle Post-Intelligencer; GreenOptions