Breaking: US Government to Reduce Emissions 28% by 2020


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Okay, so I know that I just reported that Obama has formally "associated" the US with a pledge to reduce greenhouse gas emissions 17% below 2005 by 2020 levels. But Obama's not content with that flimsy, unsubstantiated-until-the-Senate-gets-its-ass-in-gear pledge. So he's decided to lead by example--by having the entire federal government reduce its emissions so it might lead by example. Here's the pledge:Reuters reports:

President Barack Obama said on Friday the U.S. government would reduce its greenhouse gas emissions 28 percent by 2020 as the result of an executive order he issued to set the example on fighting climate change.
I think this is a good move--issuing an executive order to trim the carbon fat from the gov could be an effective way to demonstrate how doing so can improve efficiency and save money. It could even be an opportunity for the president to demonstrate this case to those not yet sold on principles like energy efficiency in lobbying for broader reform. And with the military's many alternative energy projects taking off, a spotlight on the efficacy of those could help make a strong case as well.

He should make projections for the energy and money savings of this government wide project, and make them public, and show the American people the practical advantages of transitioning to clean energy and amping up energy efficiency efforts. The emphasis, at this point, should probably not be "look how easy it is to fight climate change" but rather "look at al the benefits clean energy and efficiency have brought." If taken properly advantage of , this could be a worthy move by the president.

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