BREAKING: Senate Climate Bill to Have Offshore Oil Drilling Veto Provision

offshore oil rig photo

photo: Doc Searls

We'll know the exact details tomorrow, when the Kerry-Lieberman climate bill is actually announced, but the Washington Post is reporting that the bill will have a provision for states to veto offshore oil drilling in neighboring states. Here's what we know now:Lieberman and Kerry have,

tweaked the bill in a few ways to address concerns raised by the recent oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. It requires an Interior Department study to determine which states could be economically and environmentally affected by a spill.

Those affected states would then be able to veto drilling by passing a law. Those states that are able to go ahead with drilling will retain 37 percent of the federal revenue generated by that activity.

Any state will be allowed to opt out of drilling that would occur in waters within 75 miles of its shore.

via: Washington Post
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