Breaking: Huge Climate and Clean Energy Rally At White House Tomorrow

Photo courtesy of Energy Action Coalition

Ten thousand youth activists are in DC for the weekend attending Powershift and it's a sure fire bet that when that many young, energetic, and committed activists get together in one place, they will need some place to let their emotions show. Sure enough, a press release just out from Powershift reveals that over 5000 activists will descend on the White House and the US Chamber of Commerce on Monday to demand action on climate change and renewable energy. The event will begin at 10 am in Lafayette Square across from the White House. Speakers include AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka, Cherri Foytlin of Gulf Change, and co-founder Bill McKibben.

Representatives from Powershift met with President Obama last week. Many climate activists have expressed a deep disappointment that the president has supported an energy policy that includes subsidies for coal, natural gas, and nuclear power.

McKibben's has targeted the Chamber for its repeated attempts to sabotage efforts to combat climate change and move the country away from its dependance on dirty fossil fuels.

Full press release below:

Washington, DC - AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka, Cherri Foytlin of Gulf Change, and co-founder Bill McKibben will speak to more than 5,000 young voters, at a rally in front of the White House this Monday to demand that the President and Congress stand up to Big Polluters, protect the Clean Air Act, and make corporate polluters like BP pay for their pollution. They're calling on President Obama and Congress to end handouts to corporate polluters, make them pay their fair share, invest in a clean energy economy, and create good jobs. Rally participants will then move on to protest at the US Chamber of Commerce, which serves as a front group for Big Polluters, the DC headquarters of BP, and the headquarters of the electric utility Gen-On, which continues to burn coal in Virginia. Young people will then have hundreds ofvisits to Congressional offices to demand that Congress protect the Clean Air Act and stop taking money from corporate polluters.

The rally wraps up the 4-day Power Shift 2011 Conference where over 10,000 young people engaged in the largest grassroots organizing training in history.

Van Jones, EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson, and Bill McKibben were among the speakers at the conference that took place at the Washington, DC ConventionCenter.

Power Shift is hosted by the Energy Action Coalition, a coalition of 50 youth-ledenvironmental and social justice organizations.

WHO: 5,000 Young, Forgotten Voters Protest at White House, then March to Chamber and BP
WHAT: Power Shift 2011 Rally
WHERE: White House Rally at Lafayette Square starts at 10am followed by a Chamber of Commerce rally at 11:45am. Then the group will march to BP offices at 12pm
WHEN: April 18, 2011 at 10am

Program for Power Shift Action, Lafayette Square

10:10-10:17 Rev Yearwood, Hip-Hop Caucus, welcomes everybody, intros Power Shift & Action

10:17-10:24 Bill McKibben,

10:24-10:31 Cherri Foytlin-Co-founder, Gulf Change

10:31-10:38 Richard Trumka, AFL-CIO

10:38-10:45 Courtney Hight, Co-Director of Energy Action Coalition and former Obama campaign staff

10:45-10:52 Rev. Yearwood closes

10:59-11:06 DJ plays, marches begin

11:30 Chamber of Commerce street theater kicks off Big Polluters march (map)
Second March heads to the Capitol for Lobby Day