Breaking Green Records In Philadelphia

"Philly Car Share now claims 25,000 members, and has lowered midweek rates on Priuses to $2.90/hour, $29/day."

I had a stereotype Philadelphia Pennsylvania as being bit slow on the green uptake; but those high and growing car-share membership numbers indicate otherwise. Think how many fewer parking spaces are needed when that many people share cars. And there's less "stuff" needed to make transportation happen.

The idea of giving customers free rail passes to get to and from the shared cars is a brilliant green business tactic. Think about how much more empowering it is for people thinking of moving to an apartment near mass transit when thy know that making that lifestyle choice gives them easy,free access to a car share option. Bikes next?

Let's see if any politicians try to mess with it by imposing a rental-car type tax on car sharing as they have elsewhere.

Via:: Atrios.

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