BREAKING: EPA Declares Greenhouse Gases Threat to Human Health

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Though the EPA hasn't yet put up the formal announcement on their website, word is coming in from a variety of sources that agency head Lisa Jackson has announced that the EPA will be moving forward with plans to declare that carbon dioxide as well as five other greenhouse gases are a threat to human health. This will allow the EPA to begin acting on the 2007 Supreme Court ruling that stated the Clean Air Act can be used to curb climate change emissions:David Doniger of NRDC sums up the momentousness of the situation well,

At long last, the EPA has officially recognized that carbon pollution is harmful to our health and to the climate. The heat-trapping pollution from our cars and power plants leads to killer heat waves, stronger hurricanes, higher smog levels, and many other direct and indirect threats to human health.

Acknowledging that global warming pollution is dangerous to our health and our environment requires the EPA to follow up with standards under the Clean Air Act -- the nation's most effective environmental law -- to curb carbon pollution from our cars, power plants, and other industrial sources.

We'll get you the official statement from the EPA as soon as it's made available.

via: NRDC
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