Brazilians Take Global Warming Seriously. Much More than US or European Citizens

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We may be behind in terms of green innovation and we may have a smaller green movement, but us South Americans are well aware about the seriousness of Climate Change. So it shows the latest edition of the Pew Global Attitudes Survey (PDF), which states that Brazil and Argentina are the countries in which people are most aware of Global Warming as a threat.

The survey was carried away in 25 prominent countries around the world, including the United States, China, India, France, Kenya, and Poland among others. When asked the question, Is global warming a serious problem?, 90% of Brazilians and 69% of Argentineans said yes, while only 44% of Americans chose the affirmative answer.

But Brazil's stewardship doesn't end up there. Keep reading for more.
In an article at Brazzil, Mark S. Langevin, director of BrazilWorks, notes that while environmental concern has gone up in Brazil, it has declined in the US thanks to the economic crisis.

In Brazil only 20% of people were concerned about the environment before president Lula Da Silva's election (2002), and now up to 90% agree in calling Global Warming a problem. On the opposite side, while from 2002 to 2007 environmental concern rose from 23 to 37% in the US, it went from 47 to 44% in the period 2007-2009 as the economy crumbled.

Apart from that, Brazilians are more willing to make sacrifices for the environment: while 48% say they will pay more for energy, food, etc. to fight global warming, only 41% of Americans agree to that. And while 79% Brazilians are also willing to cope with slower growth and job creation to protect the environment, only 64% of Americans say they would do it.

What's the use of this data? Langevin says that this, paired with Lula's administration performance, and with international efforts to help Brazil achieve sustainable development in the Amazon, could place the country in a prominent position before the fight against global warming and especially at the COP15 in Copenhagen.

However the case, there's no doubt that having Brazil, one of the major developing economies in the world, on the environmental side is a good thing.

Chart showing concern about Global Warming per country Image

Chart showing concern about Global Warming per country.

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