Brazil Development Bank to Require Tagging to Stop Deforestation Beef

brazil beef photo

photo: Paul & Aline Burland via flickr

The positive ripple effect of the Greenpeace's Slaughtering the Amazon report, which showed vividly the connection between cattle ranching and deforestation in Brazil, keeps moving: Mongabay reports that Brazil's development bank BNDES plans on requiring beef producers to track their products back to their place of origin in order to qualify for bank loans:Which sounds good, but there's still some wiggle room in the system.

The plan calls for ear tags to be placed on cattle to track them from ranch to slaughter. These tags offer much more room for fraud than a system based on a microchip, Mongabay points out. And if supermarkets in Brazil (the three largest of which have pledged not to sell beef linked with deforestation) don't demand that a tighter system be implemented, BNDES' plan will amount to, essentially, nothing.

via: Mongabay
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