Brand Jamming Contest to Demand Hershey's End Child Labor, Human Rights Abuses

Hershey Raise the Bar campaign photo


There's been a lot of attention paid to fair trade chocolate and to the underlying child and forced labor issues involved in chocolate production. But one of the slowest companies to act on these issues is Hershey's chocolate, despite its clear domination (42.5%) of the U.S. market and despite progress that its competitors have made in these areas. So in the spirit of Adbusters and other brand jam campaigns, like the amazing "ads" mocking actual Chevron ads, a coalition of organizations is hosting a Brand Jamming Contest for Hershey's.Green America, Global Exchange and the International Labor Rights Forum are behind the contest, which runs until April 10th, in order to bring attention to Hershey's failure to crack down on human rights abuses in its cocoa supply chain.

The contest has three major categories: mock tagline, mock ad (print),and mock commercial (video).

Entries are accepted until April 10th. The grand prize is $10,000 cash, and all will be eligible for use by the Raise the Bar, Hershey! campaign. Visit, or any of the sites above, for more details.

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