B&Q; Launches "One Planet Home" Line With 2,000 Products

B&Q's One Planet Home range helps homeowners identify energy savings photo

UK Hardware Store Deepens One Planet Business Commitment
UK hardware giant B&Q; was already collaborating with TreeHugger favorites, the Bioregional Development Group, on becoming a "One Planet Business" - committing among other things to stop selling outdoor heaters, give out free tree seedlings to schools, and erecting a 2MW wind turbine at its distribution headquarters. Now the company is taking this commitment a step further, rolling out an entire range of almost 2000 eco-products which the company claims could help reduce their customers' carbon footprints by as much as 10%. Included in the One Planet Home range are items like loft insulation, composters, rain water barrels, and low-VOC paints. While similar products were almost certainly available in the store before the launch of One Planet Home, schemes like this provide a broad, accessible and comprehensive guide for customers wanting to make lifestyle changes but not knowing where to start. Euan Sutherland, B&Q;'s Chief Executive had this to say:
"At B&Q; we have always been proud of our strong commitment to the environment and we feel uniquely placed to make a real difference by helping customers reduce the environmental impact of their homes. We are bringing all of our sustainable products together under one label to make it easy and affordable for customers to make changes. The One Planet Home range offers our customers value for money, and can make instant savings on household expenses as well as reducing their impact on the planet. "
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