B&Q; and Ecotricity Working to Erect 2MW Turbine at Distribution Plant


If you want green energy, it seems you have to Do It Yourself. B&Q;, the UK's equivalent to Home Depot, has already made some big strides towards sustainability. They were at the forefront of putting micro-wind turbines and solar panels into a mainstream retail environment, and they were also one of the first companies to work with the Bioregional Development Group on their localized charcoal initiative. Now the company is looking to make a slightly grander gesture, at least in terms of physical scale, and are working with TreeHugger favorites Ecotricity to erect a 2MW wind turbine at their distribution depot in Nottinghamshire. In keeping with Ecotricity's previous efforts to develop wind energy in already industrialized areas, it seems this project has won sizeable support from the surrounding community:

During our public consultation process, we didn't have a single negative response. The project seems to have widespread community backing with comments like "great idea" and "we need more than one". Testament to our Good Neighbour policy. And the fact that the majority of people in the UK do support wind power

For more information on Ecotricity, check out our interview with founder Dale Vince. ::Ecotricity::via press release::

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