BP's New Spokesperson Is Former Dick Cheney Aid


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If it's bad and it's related to oil, you know Dick Cheney must be involved in some way. This was true from 2000-2008 and it's just as true today. Cheney's press secretary during his 2004, Anne Womack-Kolton, has been hired by BP to lead its US media team. Womack-Kolton ran the public affairs team in the Bush Department of Energy and defended Cheney's secret meetings with oil company executives in 2001. BP, obviously, needs some PR help. Since the Deepwater Horizon exploded over a month ago, the oil giant has been active bribing locals to sign away their rights to sue, attempting to hide the live stream of the broken pipe, and its CEO, Tony Hayward, has said a number of unfortunate things that make his company look insensitive and incompetent.

Here's a DOE press release that provides a little more background on Womack-Kolton.

Most recently, Ms. Kolton served as Vice President Dick Cheney's Campaign Press Secretary. Prior to joining the Bush-Cheney 2004 campaign, Ms. Kolton was Director of Public Affairs at the Department of the Treasury and previously served as Senior Advisor to Chairman William H. Donaldson at the Securities and Exchange Commission.

Ms. Kolton joined the Bush administration in January 2001 as Assistant Press Secretary in the White House Press Office after serving on the Bush-Cheney 2000 campaign as Assistant Press Secretary to then Vice Presidential candidate Dick Cheney.

Before joining Bush-Cheney 2000, Ms. Kolton was Washington Liaison for Texas Attorney General John Cornyn.

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