BP Under Investigation for Lying About Gulf Spill Size (Video)

The US Department of Justice is currently investigating the oil giant BP for charges that it repeatedly and deliberately sought to mislead both the public and the government about the size of the spill caused by the explosion on the Deepwater Horizon. This should come as no surprise to anyone who's followed the BP Gulf spill saga -- you'll likely remember how the company first lied about being able to make accurate estimates, then lowballed them time and again afterward. It was later revealed that the company had a high-res spill cam at the Macondo wellhead, where the oil was spewing from in a nonstop undersea eruption.

There's little doubt that the company deliberately tried to mislead the public about such matters in an attempt to preserve its image, but the question is now whether similar lies to the government were criminal in nature. Accurate information about the spill, after all, could have better informed the response teams, and led to more effective action.

For now, the DOJ is staying mum about the details of the investigation, but for a good in-depth report on where the case stands, check out John Rudolf's report in the Huffington Post.

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