BP Still Ranked Greenest Oil Company by Greenopia - Citgo Brings Up the Rear

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Greenopia has updated their guide to the greenest oil companies--though it may seem like it, it's not entirely an oxymoron--and BP is still on top. The other positions have shifted a bit, with
Sunoco and Hess taking second and third place:Companies were judged on six criteria: Environmental reporting, greenhouse gas emissions, production efficiency, production efficiency, oil spill efficiency, pursuit of alternative fuels, and stance on climate change. Each category is judged on a scale of 1 to 10.

BP Lists 'Every Environmental Variable' You Need to Know
BP scores quite well in most categories. Only in greenhouse gas emissions (4) and production efficiency (3) did it not receive top marks:

BP or Beyond Petroleum publishes one of the best sustainability reports of all the major oil companies. The report contains just about every environmental variable you would want to see and is relatively easy to use and understand (i.e. no questionable unit choices which force the user to convert everything and most of the wording is straight-forward). BP also is relatively solid given its greenhouse gas emissions. Not only is it decreasing its emissions per unit of production, but when you normalize its emissions against revenue and/or production it comes out as one of the more efficient companies. BP is also slightly better than average in amount of oil spilled (normalized against production) and in number of oil spills (also normalized against production). BP was about middle of the pack in terms of normalized hazardous waste production and water consumption.

Citgo Doesn't Have a Clue What It's Greenhouse Emissions Are
Bringing up the rear is Citgo, whose best score is equal to BP's worst. Citgo ranks moderately well in oil spill cleanup, but receives the pitiful score of 9 for environmental reporting and production efficiency, and the the horrendous score of 10 on greenhouse gas emissions.

Why the low scores?

Citgo had the least complete environmental reporting of any oil company we looked at. We couldn't even track down the total greenhouse gas emissions, something that every other company reports front and center. And even though Citgo had an impressively low number of oil spills, they don't even report the volume of oil spilled, so there is no way of being sure how big of an accomplishment this is. Likewise we don't have a feel for the amount of water consumed or waste generated. Lastly, Citgo could benefit from other alternative fuels besides ethanol. Ethanol has questionable life cycle benefits and there are many other greener fuel types out there.

Read how all the top 10 oil companies performed: Greenopia Eco-Friendly Green Oil Guide
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